Pawel Pluta


Environment Artist



Dead to Rights: Retribution

Namco Bandai    360, PS3    06.2008 - 04.2010

This is a very important project for me. First such a big game with so many responsibilities and things to cover during the work. It took almost two years of my life. After finishing it, I got a lot of new experience but also felt much more confident about handling big chunks of work. I was artistically responsible for one whole level and some parts of others. Also worked on the DLC. Below are screens from my level - the Grant Central Station.

Cell phone. It was used in game cutscene. I had to create the model, avoiding exact resemblance to any existing brand.

Fusebox. One of the cover objects.

Straddle loader. The most important part of that model was the bottom as he player could walk very close. That's why I concentrated on it with more geometry and texel density. Two LOD's were also created.

Rubble pile. One of many generic piles of broken concrete. A mix of Mudbox sculpt and Crazybump. With time I see that the textures don't look so great. Definitely I would make them differently right now.